Engineered Stone Benchtops

Engineered stone benchtops provide an exceptionally appealing, hard, durable surface very much like natural stone. Behind plastic laminates, composite stone benches are the most popular of the man-made materials used for kitchen benches.

Engineered Stone is a type of man-made material built utilizing a combination of stone (typically quartz), glass or shells and a silicon or resin bonding agent. These materials normally consist of about 93% powdered or crushed stone, and about 7% resin or bonding agent – the definite creation relies on upon the specific item and producer.


Engineered stone, which is made from quartz and resin, doesn’t pack quite the incredible same visual punch as natural stone, however it’s harder, less costly and less demanding to look after than its common proportional.  Engineered stone is non-porous, so it won’t require sealing, and it can be cut to fit curved or awkwardly shaped kitchens.

Perks of using engineered stone?

Engineered stone benchtops offer a great deal of freedom in terms of their looks, and can be made to look and feel very much like more expensive natural stone alternatives. They’re considerably less porous than granite, marble and many other kinds of natural stone, and as a result they require less maintenance and are very hygienic.

Engineered stone is  normally imported as big slabs, and are available in a wide range of edge profile thicknesses and textures.

At Premier Marble & Granite we take the headaches out of dealing with stone bench tops. We source, deliver and install the benchtop – from start to finish we offer a full service solution. In addition, where advice is required in relation to design queries, Premier Marble & Granite has the necessary expertise to assist you with making the right choices.


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