Granite Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Make your Kitchen Benchtops a Stunning Feature with Granite

Premier Marble & Granite specializes in installing granite benchtops. Engineered stone and granite kitchen benchtops  have become the main feature in modern kitchens. They are the crucial piece that separates the ordinary kitchen from the sparkling, high-end kitchen. They give even the simplest homes an element of beauty, sophistication and class.

Choosing your Stone kitchen benchtops is one of the most important decisions you will make during the design of your kitchen. The large surface area means that the color and material will dominate the space.

Stone kitchen benchtops – Easy Installation

Every Premier Marble‘s & Granite kitchen benchtop installation is made to measure and handcrafted to your exact specification to ensure a perfect fit. One of our experienced design consultants will visit you to take precise measurements and help you decide on the surface that best suits your lifestyle and color preference.

The professional team at Premier Marble & Granite has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the product and provides excellent customer service and the highest possible standards at every stage of the project. The team works closely with builders and architects and understands the importance of deadlines and running on time.

Over the years, the team at Premier Marble & Granite has strived to develop strong working relationships within the industry, holding them in good stead with clients, trades people, builders and architects.

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